Bible Study


A series of studies written with a mens’ group in mind. Not too shallow, not so deep as to be impossible to get through the book in say half a year. Our group has a study time of about 1 hour depending on the week. Quite a few of these studies won’t be done in an hour, and so far the group has raised a bunch of side-tracks that are really worthwhile but also mean that the first 2 studies took four weeks with a holiday break in between. Not to worry – can’t really get upset about blokes wanting to study the Bible more in-depth and bringing their questions along for the ride.

Hebrews 1:1-2:4

Introduction and chapter 1 – took us two weeks.

Hebrews 1 study

Hebrews 2:5-18

Dealing with the warnings, angels, issues with the NIV translation, the wonder of the cross in dealing with our situation. Includes a summary of 1-2 because our group had a longish break and were coming back to restart Hebrews. If you’re doing that I suggest doing what we did and read through the whole of Hebrews in one sitting – for a bunch of blokes who don’t necessarily get excited by reading out loud it was a really good night.

Hebrews 2 study

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